Crime Notes

Crime Notes


<lst>The following incidents were reported to the West Springfield District Station of the Fairfax County Police Department.


<cal2>Braddock Road 10600 block. Razors stolen from business.

Burke Lake Road 9200 block. Wallet stolen from school.

Carmella Circle 8400 block. Compact discs stolen from vehicle.

Daffodil Court 8000 block. Beer and DVD player stolen from residence.

Forest Breeze Court 9100 block. Stereo, compact discs and compact disc player stolen from vehicle.

Fourth Place 9500 block. Cash stolen from business.

Gaines Street 5700 block. Cellular telephone stolen from vehicle.

Great Lakes Lane 8400 block. Compact disc player stolen from vehicle.

Lindside Way 8300 block. Trash can stolen from residence.

Log Cabin Court 8000 block. Video camcorder stolen from residence.

Old Burke Lake Road 9400 block. Medicine stolen from business.

Old Keene Mill Road 9200 block. Purse stolen from business.

Old Keene Mill Road 9500 block. Cellular telephone charger stolen from business.

Ox Road 5200 block. Gasoline stolen from service station.

Port Royal Road 5200 block. Hubcaps stolen from vehicle.

Prince James Drive 5900 block. Compact discs, DVD and MP3 player stolen from vehicle.

Red Fox Drive 5000 block. Mountain bicycle stolen from residence.

Reservation Drive 7500 block. Credit cards stolen from vehicle.

Reservation Drive 7500 block. Wallet stolen from vehicle.

Rolling Road 6100 block. Jewelry stolen from residence.

Rolling Road 7900 block. Beer stolen from business.

Rolling Road 7900 block. Gasoline stolen from service station.

Samos Court 8100 block. License plate stolen from vehicle.

Sweet Dale Court 6000 block. Credit cards stolen from residence.

<cal1>Sexual Assault

<cal2>Boston Boulevard 7400 block. A 61-year-old Arlington man, while employed as a bus attendant, sexually assaulted a passenger. On Thursday, June 3, a 67-year-old, mentally disabled woman boarded a Fastran bus on Richmond Highway. The bus attendant, Cai V. Le of the 600 block of North Madison St., inappropriately touched the woman after assisting her to her seat. The victim screamed and Le stopped. The assault was immediately reported when the victim got off the bus at the 7400 block of Boston Blvd. in the Mount Vernon area. After an investigation, Le was arrested on Saturday, June 12, and charged with sexual battery. He was released on a $2,500 bond.

<cal1>Vehicle Thefts

<cal2>Guinea Road 5600 block. 2004 GMC Truck reported stolen.