Chronic Problems on Falls

Chronic Problems on Falls

The multiple accidents reported in the Feb. 18-24 issue (Falls Road Crash Zone) are the result of a serious safety problem that has been ignored by the highway department for over 25 years. The problem is that there is no drainage system on Falls Road from Burbank Drive to Rock Run creek.

Water draining from the two ditches on Burbank Drive runs along Falls Road then flows across Falls Road and Snowpine Way. The water from Burbank and Snowpine then flows along Falls to near Crown Point Court where it joins with the drainage from that road then down the middle and across Falls again to Rock Run.

When there are heavy rains or thunderstorms in warm weather, traffic driving through the torrent on the road throws up a blinding wall of water into oncoming traffic. In cold weather, freezing rain or re-freezing snow melt creates a block long ice rink with the results reported in your paper.

Several days after your article appeared the highway people closed off Falls Road in both directions, brought in heavy equipment and scraped a shallow drain in the mud next to Rock Run, then left. Whoopee.