Man Charged with Brandishing Firearm

Man Charged with Brandishing Firearm

Used to be, people could have an argument, yell at each other and that was it. Nowadays, say police, you've got to be careful — even when disagreeing with a neighbor — because that neighbor just might be packin' heat.

And that was the case recently, they say, in a Centreville community. And when the dust settled, police arrested and charged Henry J. Siegle — who lives near Deer Park Elementary School — with brandishing a firearm.

Fairfax County police Det. Lincoln Kieffer, of the Criminal Investigation Section, presented details of the case against him in a March 3 affidavit for a search warrant to seek evidence in Siegle's home.

He wrote that last Wednesday, March 3, around 9 a.m., a female neighbor of Siegle's made a criminal complaint against him. (Centre View is not identifying this person because she is an alleged victim).

According to Kieffer, she and Siegle had a verbal confrontation over a vehicle horn being used in the neighborhood. She told police she saw Siegle exit the front of his house at 15117 Olddale Road.

"Once outside, Henry J. Siegle removed what appeared to be a black handgun from his waistband, held it up with his right hand and pointed [it] at [the woman] who was standing on her own property," wrote the detective. "While pointing the firearm, Siegle said, 'You see this, *@#!*?'"

The woman then returned to her house and called police. An officer immediately responded, and Siegle approached him to discuss the alleged incident. Wrote Kieffer: "He [reportedly] admitted that he owned a black handgun and that it was currently locked up in the house."

Kieffer executed the search warrant at Siegle's home, later that afternoon. Police seized a black, 9 mm Ruger automatic handgun; the box, manual and lock for that weapon; 32 rounds of 9 mm ammunition; a box, manual and receipt for a Lorcin .380 handgun and 35 rounds of ammunition for that weapon.

Police charged Siegle, March 3, with brandishing a firearm. Following his arrest, he was released from the Adult Detention Center, the same day, on $500 bond.

He's slated for a May 7 trial in General District Court. Brandishing a firearm is a Class 1 misdemeanor and, if convicted, Siegle could be sentenced to a possible maximum of a year in jail.