Thumbs Up for Residential Project

Thumbs Up for Residential Project

It's on to the Planning Commission now for a new residential project in Centreville. It got a thumbs-up, Tuesday night, from the West Fairfax County Citizens Association (WFCCA) Land-Use Committee.

If eventually approved by the Board of Supervisors, the new community will not just be welcomed by potential homebuyers. It will also prove beneficial to local residents who regularly travel on Old Mill, Mount Olive and Old Centreville roads.

That's because, in addition to building 35 single-family, detached homes in that vicinity, the developer, Eastwood Properties, has agreed to help improve those roads. The details of the work are still being hammered out, but the main thing is the agreement. Eastwood may make a monetary contribution toward the road improvement or may actually have the work done.

THE SITE under consideration is 13.4 acres, and Eastwood needs the county's permission to have it rezoned from its current designation of one home per acre to three homes per acre. The land is on the south side of Old Mill Road, between Centre Ridge and Mount Olive, and is accessed from Old Mill.

Lots will range in size from 6,000 to 12,000 square feet and will be nearly identical to those in nearby Centre Ridge and the Jackson Fields community. The homes will be 2,400 to 3,300 square feet, with two-car garages plus space to park two more vehicles in the driveway apron.

A central open space is planned for recreational facilities, trails and a tot lot. The streets will have parking on just one side, but there'll be sidewalks on both sides of the streets to get people to the open space.

The property is accessed from Old Mill Road. Mount Olive Baptist Church is on the corner, and Jackson Fields is to the south. Stanley Martin Cos. is involved as both a builder and a developer.

At an earlier meeting, the WFCCA's Carol Hawn noted how dangerous the Mount Olive/OId Mill/Old Centreville Road intersection is. Old Mill Road is narrow, with ditches and no shoulder, motorists speed down Mount Olive and more than 25,000 cars use Old Centreville Road daily.

"Over the years, developers have proferred money to improve the roads in that area," said Katcham. "So [Eastwood] is working with [Sully District Supervisor] Michael Frey's office to see how much money's in the pot."

On Tuesday night, the WFCCA members gave their approval to Eastwood's rezoning application. The vote was unanimous, 5-0. Next stop for this issue is the county Planning Commission, next Wednesday, March 24.