Alexander Pleads Guilty

Alexander Pleads Guilty

Burke resident pleads guilty to recruiting juveniles into gangs.

Burke resident Quincy Lamar Alexander, 22, told Fairfax County Police last January that he was initiated into the "Hoover Crips" gang in St. Louis when he was 8 years old, according to Fairfax Circuit Court documents.

On Tuesday, April 27, Alexander, of Bonnie Bern Court in Burke, pled guilty Court to recruiting juveniles into a criminal street gang.

Alexander is scheduled to be sentenced July 23 in Fairfax Circuit Court.

"He moved to Fairfax County, where there is reason to believe he is in the process of establishing a 'Hoover Crips' set," according to the affidavit for a search warrant in his arrest. "In California, this gang, which boasts approximately 600 members, is a well-known and established criminal street gang responsible for all manners of crime to include, but not limited to, murder, rape, robbery, car jacking, hijacking of vehicles, drug trafficking, assaults and vehicle theft."

AT LAKE BRADDOCK HIGH, Alexander was first charged on Oct. 31, 2003, for possession of a loaded firearm on school property after a security officer at the school found him with a suspended 15-year-old student.

At that time, Alexander told police that he was a member of the "Hoover Crips."

Recruiting did not take place at the school, said Lt. Col. Charles Peters, deputy chief for patrol with Fairfax County Police Department, who spoke at a press conference in February to announce that Alexander had been charged on Jan. 28 with recruiting minors into a gang.

On Dec. 12, Alexander, then 21, met a 14-year-old girl at a Taco Bell Restaurant on Beulah Road, according to the court documents, and took her to his residence to "initiate the victim into the 'Hoover Crips' by having sexual intercourse with her, commonly referred to in gang terminology as a 'sex-in.'"

At his residence on Jan. 12, Alexander pointed a handgun at her after he alleged that she was involved with a feuding gang, according to court documents. On Jan. 16, the victim was surrounded by members of the "Hoover Crips" at her school.

"Due to the fear instilled in the victim by this event, she requested her parents respond and immediately cause her release from school," according to the documents.

The charge against Alexander for brandishing a weapon was nolle prossed, meaning that the charge has been dropped by prosecutors although they have one year to prosecute him on the charge at a later time.

Police have identified more than 80 gangs in Fairfax County; more than 1,500 people in Fairfax are involved in gang activity.

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