Hollin Meadows Thanks Their Volunteers

Hollin Meadows Thanks Their Volunteers

Teachers and administrators appreciate what their parent volunteers have done for their school. So last week, under the guidance of Glenna Orr, reading teacher at Hollin Meadows, they gave a volunteer brunch to their volunteers for all that they do.

"It's a delightful affair; the community is so involved with the children," said Orr.

Jon Gates, principal of Hollin Meadows, welcomed the group and said, "The quality of your contributions is truly remarkable. You need to know that you really do make a difference."

To put the volunteer's contribution into a financial perspective, Gates said that he calculated the total number of hours contributed would cost the school about $54 thousand dollars.

"The future of the neighborhood depends on the quality of education," said Gates.

Dane Hohman president of the PTA said, "We couldn't do it without you." She went on to thank her board members: Sally Walczak, second vice-president; Lydia Davison, first vice-president; Lynn Cheng, treasurer and Mary Ann Rametta, secretary.

Joe Schubert was one of the volunteers at the brunch; he said that he helps the art teacher once a week.

"I'm a painter and there are a couple of kids who are really outstanding," said Schubert.

Another volunteer, Georgia Starry, said "I enjoy it; it's amazing how much you learn yourself [when you volunteer.]"

Volunteers enjoyed a substantial buffet of bagels, doughnuts, quiches, fruit, meat and cheese platters and pastries.