Garfield Walks the Walk

Garfield Walks the Walk

Garfield students and staff participate in Help the Homeless Walkathon.

On Friday, Nov. 5, students and staff at Garfield Elementary participated in mini-walks during regularly scheduled music and physical education classes. The mini-walks — sponsored by Housing and Community Services of Northern Virginia (HCSNV) and the school’s business partner, Genesis Federal Credit Union — were performed in conjunction with Fannie Mae Foundation’s annually sponsored Help the Homeless Walkathon.

Garfield’s music and physical education teachers, Erin Cooper and Mark Bodie, supervised students during the outside walks and obstacle course in the gym. The sponsors paid the $15 registration fee for each participant, who received a T-shirt from the Fannie Mae Foundation as well as a gift bag from Genesis Federal Credit Union.

HCSNV staff and volunteers presented information to students regarding statistics on homelessness in the United States, and especially the Washington, D.C., area. Students had a chance to discuss the causes of homelessness with HCSNV staff. Students learned that HCSNV’s goals are to provide affordable and quality housing and community services to citizens in need.