Chevy Chase Bank Gets 1st Approval

Chevy Chase Bank Gets 1st Approval

Chevy Chase Bank wants to build a new branch in Chantilly and, so far, it looks like smooth sailing.

Last Tuesday, Nov. 16, the bank received an OK from the West Fairfax County Citizens Association (WFCCA) Land-Use Committee. It hopes to open its new branch at Walney Road and Route 50, where Scott's Turf Builder is currently located.

Attorney Bob Flinn presented details of the plan at last week's WFCCA meeting. He said one of the two existing entrances into the site from Route 50 would be closed and there'd be interparcel access between the bank and adjacent shopping center.

"This intersection is planned for a grade-separated interchange someday when there's funding, and we'll dedicate 35 feet of Route 50 frontage for it," said Flinn. "But we'll use it for nine, bank parking spaces until [then]."

Bank Vice-President Joe Pearson Jr., in charge of constructing Chevy Chase's branch offices, said that bank would probably be 3,200 square feet. But it needs a special-exception permit from the county for its drive-through window.

"We weren't pleased with the landscaping at your Old Centreville Road branch by Burger King," said WFCCA's Carol Hawn. "So anything you can do to beef that up [on this site] would be helpful."

"This is on a very prominent corner," added WFCCA's Chris Terpak-Malm. "We're very concerned about what people see when they drive through, so we'd like nice landscaping there." Pearson said Chevy Chase is agreeable because "we want it to look nice to attract customers." WFCCA unanimously endorsed the proposal; next stop is the Planning Commission on Dec. 1.

<tgl> — Bonnie Hobbs