Planning for Health Facilities

Planning for Health Facilities

Commission reviews wording on health care facilities.

The Planning Commission met Monday night to discuss the wording of a series of policies for proposed health care facilities.

The list of 25 items will be discussed again at a meeting on Oct. 18 to make sure the wording is correct before a public hearing on Nov. 15.

The commission met with Cindy Kegan, the project manager for the health care facilities plan, and Julie Pastor, director of planning for the county, both of whom had worked to write up the policies.

For a little over an hour and a half, the commission went over the 25 policies, combining some policies to make sure the phrasing was clear.

Only one substantial change was made: The request of a glossary at the end of the policies to define “health care facility,” “incentives” and other phrases frequently used in the document.

Kegan and Pastor will revise the document according to the recommendations of the commission prior to the Oct. 18 meeting, at which point the commission is expected to approve the document prior to a public hearing on Nov. 15.

Two items scheduled for briefing at Monday’s meeting, one from the Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice and the other from the Town of Leesburg Water Plant, were withdrawn and will subsequently not be discussed at the meeting on Oct. 18 as originally scheduled.