New Heart Center Opens

New Heart Center Opens

Inova Fairfax Hospital opens a Heart and Vascular Institute.

The Inova Fairfax Hospital is welcoming a new $152.2 million addition. The Heart and Vascular Institute, on the campus of Inova Fairfax Hospital, 3300 Gallows Road, officially opened its doors to the public Wednesday, Oct. 6 with statements by Lt. Gov. Timothy Kaine and Inova President Knox Singleton.

"This institution is a contribution of compassion and excellence. I commend you for your commitment to excellence," said Kaine.

Construction on the facility began in late April of 2002, and a little more than two years later, it is ready for patients.

The center contains 156 patient rooms, in which 132 are private. It offers six operating rooms and is equipped with a rehabilitation center. For educational purposes, a glass dome sits atop the operating rooms which allow visitors to view the operation process.

PROVIDING state-of-the-art treatment, the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute stands as the Washington area's only facility dedicated exclusively to the causes and treatment of cardiovascular disease. With its advanced technology and its commitment to personal care, Inova's new cardiac institute will be able to serve more people.

"Our state-of-the-art facilities can only make cardiac care in the region better," said Douglas Cropper, administrator. One goal of the institute is to provide an environment that maximizes healing by providing a therapeutic, supportive environment for both patients and staff. Special emphasis will be placed on customizing care to individual patient and family needs, preferences and beliefs.

"At Inova, the patient comes first," said Candice Saunders, chief operating officer of the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute. According to Nick Carosi, an Inova Board of Trustees member, the three key objectives of Inova Health System are community responsibility, caring for and about patients, and innovation. "Community responsibility is providing the community members with a place they can go to receive treatment and care. Innovation is using the most advanced technology possible to give every patient the best care possible."

SINCE ITS FOUNDING 25 years ago, the Inova Health System has performed more than 25,000 cardiac procedures — from open-heart surgery to heart and lung transplants. Inova's heart center was the first program of its kind in the region to include pediatric heart surgery.

According to Dr. Alan Speir, the region's first heart and lung transplants took place at Inova hospitals. Today, the Inova Heart Center is one of the largest and most successful heart centers in the nation.

"It's a process that began years ago. We had to take many steps to get to where we are today. We have watched cardiac treatment grow," said Dr. Edward LeFrak.

Inova has also constructed several "healing gardens" to encourage and accelerate the healing process. The Inova Heart and Vascular Institute was constructed as the main cardiac center for the Inova Health System. Beginning Sunday, Oct. 10, patients will begin their healing in the new heart facility where they will be monitored at all times.

"This institute is the result of the vision and hard work of people who are dedicated to providing superior medical care," said Dr. Joseph Hallal.