Seaport Day

Seaport Day

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation held its annual Seaport Day activities at Waterfront Park last Saturday.  Children and adult groups from the metropolitan area worked together to craft a small flotilla of Bevin’s skiffs. The skiff kit comes complete, and assembly is a short course in measuring, construction and common sense. When completed, the small craft may be launched in the shallow waters of the river.

Hard Times Café was serving up chili and hot dogs while the younger children tried their hands with small yacht models at the Seaworthy Boats. Sails needed to be rigged, hulls sanded, keels put in place, and colors added to the crafts before setting sail in search of wind on the blue pond at the park.

The Seaport Foundation headquarters is located on the boathouse on the river at the end of Cameron Street. For more information about its activities, call 703-549-7078, or go online and visit