'Freak' Dancing Declines

'Freak' Dancing Declines

Students continued to break the rules by “freak” dancing at Sterling’s three homecoming celebrations, but chaperones were quick to stop it. "Freak" dancing includes moves simulating sexual activity.

John Andrews, chairman of the School Board, said he has not received any complaints by phone or e-mail. “No news is good news,” he said. “I haven’t heard any complaints that the dancing is out of control or too restrictive. Dancing that occurs in night clubs is not appropriate for high schools.”

The school superintendent’s office issued contracts in April, after students and parents complained about the style of dancing. High school students and their parents had to sign the papers, which advised students would be sent home from the prom if they did any “freak” dancing or wore inappropriate clothing.

Homecoming Dance chaperones at Dominion, Park View and Potomac High Schools told students who violated the rules to stop. Sometimes they had to issue the warning more than once. At Potomac High School, chaperones used flashlights and verbal commands to interrupt the dancing. At Park View, additional lighting was used to discourage the behavior.