The following incidents were reported to the Reston District of the Fairfax County Police Department:


<lst>10900 block of Baron Cameron Avenue. Political signs stolen from residence.

2400 block of Centreville Road. Purse stolen from business.

2200 block of Colts Neck Road. Gift certificate stolen from residence.

13400 block of Coppermine Road. Gasoline stolen from business.

2300 block of Freetown Court. Cash stolen from residence.

2300 block of Hunters Woods Plaza. Beer stolen from business.

10800 block of Leesburg Pike. Hub caps stolen from vehicle.

11500 block of Leesburg Pike. Gasoline stolen from service station.

1400 block of North Point Village Center. Gasoline stolen from service station.

13300 block of Parcher Avenue. Customer left without paying taxi fare.

12100 block of Sunset Hills Road. Smart tag stolen from vehicle.


<lst>6200 block of Park Terrace. 2003 Honda CRV reported stolen.


<lst>11100 block of Lakespray Way. A resident in the 11000 block of Lakespray Way called animal control at 11 a.m. Oct. 7, to report a fox that was vocalizing, rolling over and uncoordinated. It had gotten into a fight with a neighborÕs cat in the morning. An animal control officer field euthanized the fox and the body was transported to the Fairfax County Health Department where it tested positive for rabies. The neighbor said she had put her elderly, declawed cat outside her door and heard a scuffle. She saw the fox fighting with the cat and used a water hose to break it up. The neighbor was advised to get a rabies booster shot for her cat.