Incest Case to Grand Jury

Incest Case to Grand Jury

The case against a Centreville man accused of having sexual intercourse with his own daughter is headed for the grand jury. Fairfax County police arrested him July 7 and charged him with incest and forcible sodomy. Centre View is not disclosing his name or address because doing so would reveal the identity of his alleged victim.

The man is 37, and his daughter is 14. In a July 8 affidavit for a search warrant to obtain forensic evidence from his person, police Det. Wayne Promisel presented details of the case against him. He stated that the teen alleged she was sexually involved with her father.

The incidents reportedly occurred in two residences in Chantilly and Centreville, wrote the detective. "She described acts of intercourse and sodomy that she and her father engaged in," he wrote. "A forensic exam of the victim reflected corroborative evidence that such a relationship has existed."

Last Friday, Aug. 27, in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, both charges were certified to the next grand jury for possible indictment. Incest is punishable by as much as 10 years in prison; forcible sodomy carries a possible penalty of five years to life behind bars.

<tgl> — Bonnie Hobbs