Getting Around

Getting Around

<sh>Arlington Streets

<bt>Getting around in Arlington is easier if you understand the system of street names, which is only slightly less difficult than the one used in the District.

Arlington County is divided into north and south by Arlington Boulevard (Route 50). Most named streets run roughly north-south, and follow this pattern running west from the Potomac:

1. One-syllable names (Ball Street to Wayne Street)

2. Two-syllable names (Adams to Woodrow)

3. Three-syllable names (Abingdon to Yucatan)

4. Four-syllable names (only Arizona)

Named roads do not follow this pattern.

Numbered streets run roughly east-west, parallel to Route 50. Numbers start at Route 50, and increase the further you get from the boulevard.

<sh>Street Maps

<bt>Arlington residents can receive a copy of a two-by-three foot Arlington County street map from the Department of Public Works. Copies cost $10 each. To request one, send a self-addressed envelope, with 37 cents postage, to:

Public Works Customer Service

2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 813

Arlington, Va. 22201

Call 703-228-3629.

<sh>Parking Meters

<bt>There are more than 3,000 parking meters lining Arlington streets, which are color-coded according to how much an hour costs, and how long parking is available.

Yellow half hour

Silver one hour

Blue two hours

Red four hours

Green 10-12 hours

Red and green meters accept only quarters, and an hour costs 50 cents. Short-term meters will accept dimes and nickels, and an hour costs 75 cents.

<sh>Residential Parking Permits

<bt>Many Arlington streets border major thoroughfares or business districts. On these streets, Arlington County government issues special weekday parking permits; only neighborhood residents with permits may park on these streets during restricted hours, usually 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Cars without these permits may be ticketed or towed.

Residential parking zones are marked with red and white “Permit Parking Only” signs. Eligible drivers are automatically provided with permit stickers when they register their car with Arlington County. More information on parking stickers is available by calling 703-228-3576.

<sh>HOV Restrictions

<bt>Interstate 66, a major highway running through the middle of Arlington, is subject to high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) restrictions Monday-Friday during morning and evening rush hours. Cars must be carrying two or more people during HOV hours, or the driver may be ticketed by Virginia State Police.

HOV restrictions apply to eastbound traffic, heading into the District, from 6:30-9 a.m., and to westbound traffic from 4-6:30 p.m. Restrictions do not apply on weekends, or on federal holidays.

<sh>Public Transportation

<bt>Arlington’s convenient public transportation is a large factor in the county’s quality of life, letting residents and commuters avoid rush hour traffic by riding Metrorail or the network of buses traveling in and through Arlington.

Metro buses and trains are administered by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Orange, Blue and Yellow Metro trains run through Arlington, along with 18 Metro bus lines, comprising 40 bus routes. Metro bus and rail fares are based on when and where you travel, starting at $1.10, and increasing during rush hours. Bus and train route maps, along with fare information, are available online at

Orange line trains make six stops in Arlington: Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon, Virginia Square-GMU, Ballston-Marymount University and East Falls Church. Blue line trains stop at Rosslyn, Arlington Cemetery, Pentagon, Pentagon City, Crystal City and National Airport in the county, and the Yellow line shares the Pentagon City-National Airport stops.

Metro bus lines serving Arlington are 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2G, 2W, 3A, 3B, 3E, 4, 7, 9, 101, 10E, 10B, 13, 16A, 16B, 16C, 16D, 16E, 16F, 16G, 16J, 16S, 16U, 16W, 16X, 22, 23, 24M, 24P, 25A, 25F, 25G, 25J, 25P, 25R, 25B, 38B.

Arlington County also runs three ART bus routes in Arlington, routes 51, 52 and 90. Fares are $1.10. Fare and schedules are also available online at