Schools Open Tuesday

Schools Open Tuesday

<bt>From kindergarten to senior year the first day of school is a time to remind all students of the basics of academic life. Langley High School students receiving orientation in physical education class were reminded to use lockers and not bring large sums of money to school as they sat in bleachers at the gymnasium. Great Falls Elementary students were handed slips of paper as they got off the school bus to remind them which bus to get on to go home. As she looked at a class of eager kindergarten students, Great Falls Elementary school principal Dorothy Clark said, “It’s going to be busy today. If we get everybody on the right bus to get home today, then it will be a good day.”

The rainy start to the first day of school added some confusion as parents drove their children in the morning and administrators had to scramble to ensure new students knew which bus they would be taking home in the afternoon.

Parent volunteers and Parent Teacher Association representatives filled the local schools to help direct students to their new classrooms and aid parents who were setting up special instructions for their children with the main office and school clinics,

<1b>-Meredith Billman-Mani