Maasai Tribesmen Build Mud Hut

Joseph Lekuton, a teacher at the Langley School, brought a piece of his Kenyan home to the school recently, when two members of his Maasai tribe spent a week at the school, helping the students build a cow dung hut on the school’s campus. The two men, Matura and Tumpes, were staying with Margaret Mattison and her husband in Rockville. The Mattisons have a friend who works at the school, and they have volunteered to allow the men to stay in their home several times since January. This was another part of the “Cows for Kids” program, where students raise money to purchase cows for Maasai tribes during Lekuton’s trip to Kenya in the summer, accompanied by several Langley students and their parents. The program was designed by Lekuton to foster cultural understanding and exchange between his Langley students and his Maasai tribesmen.