Arrests Made in BB Gun Incidents

Arrests Made in BB Gun Incidents

Two Springfield-area 18 year olds and a 17 year old have been arrested in conjunction with nine separate BB-gun incidents on Thursday, April 14, the majority of which took place in the Orange Hunt area.

Fairfaix County Police arrested 18-year-old Andrew J. Hernandez of the 8100 block of Kings Point Court on April 14, and charged him with eight counts of misdemeanor destruction of property, and one count of missile at occupied dwelling. According to police spokesman Bud Walker, police responded to reports of a BB gun being used to shoot at a sliding glass door of a home in the early morning hours of April 14. Following investigation of other incidents in the neighborhood, police also arrested a 17-year-old juvenile and charged him with the same charges as Hernandez.

Eighteen-year-old Jonathan Nylen of the 8100 block of Kings Point Court was also arrested and charged with the eight misdemeanor charges.

Police allege the three were involved in eight separate BB-gun incidents, all in the early-morning hours of April 14. The eight incidents took place in the 7100 block of Stanchion Lane, 7900 block of Hidden Bridge Drive, 8700 block of Evangel Drive, 8600 block of Nanlee Drive and 9500 block of Ironmaster Drive. Those all involved destruction of property, while the ninth incident, which took place in the 7900 block of Forest Path Way in Springfield, brought on the missile into occupied dwelling charge, since people were involved.

"It's the difference between a property crime and a person crime. When they shot a BB into a house where people were inside, they put those people at risk," said Walker.

<1b>— Glenn McCarty