Annual Gala Honors Citizen of the Year

Annual Gala Honors Citizen of the Year

Neal McBride acknowledged for his work with the arts, community and schools.

Neil McBride fought hard to build a school for his children; now he’s building a school for his grandchildren. An advocate for schools and the arts, McBride was involved in the creation of Newington Forest Elementary School; now he is active in the process of developing the new South County High School.

"I’m really proud of him" said his wife, Linda McBride.

His daughter, Shannon McBride, said, “He deserves this.” Shannon McBride attended the 18th Annual Mount Vernon Gala with her husband, Fernando Zorro, and her children, Jake and Allie. McBride's son, Jonathan, was there; Christopher McBride could not make it.

Neil McBride said, “It’s great to meet with all these good folks.”

He was given the award by co-chairs Al Bornmann and Mack Rhodes. Bornmann and Queenie Cox served as the masters of ceremonies.

Dave Bolte, editor of the “Record,” acknowledged McBride’s accomplishments by saying, “I’m struck by the kind of man he is — always available and always willing. He has a balanced approach to any mission and an extensive knowledge of the Mount Vernon District."

“He’s always been a wise voice — persuasive and convincing, always seeking the wise solution. He listens, researches and explains. He knows all the political figures and is known for his acuteness and moderateness —that goes a long way to getting people together.”