Carole Herrick, Historian for McLean

Carole Herrick, Historian for McLean

<bt>Name: Carole Herrick

Family information: Married to Philip Herrick. One son, Charles.

Education: Herrick holds a degree in history from Los Angeles State College.

Current job or primary occupation: She is president of the Dranesville Democratic Women's Club and is involved in many other community groups.

Favorite part of your current job: "I enjoy trying to enhance McLean. There are so many groups getting involved in the quality of life."

Community involvement: Mrs. Herrick is the past president of the McLean Historical Society and the president of the Dranesville Democratic Women's Club. She is also the past president of the McLean Chapter of AARP 839 and the immediate past president of Friends of the McLean Community Center. She served nine years on the governing board of McLean Community Center. Herrick is also the co-chair of McLean and Great Falls Celebrate Virginia, which celebrates the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. She authored two books, "Chronological History of McLean, Virginia" and "August 24, 1814 — Washington In Flames." Her second book is about how Washington, D.C., was burned after the British invaded it and the government fled to Northern Virginia.

Hobbies: Herrick was a nationally ranked tennis player and a professional player at Congressional Country Club in Maryland. She also played at Wimbledon twice. In addition, Herrick holds national age group records in running.

What is one thing about your community that you enjoy that most people don't know about, or something important for a newcomer to know? "The dedicated people that keep community together. The heart of the community is the McLean Community Center. Many don't realize its potential. That to me is the most important, the McLean Community Center and the history of McLean. Most people don't realize the vast, rich history that McLean has. The people of McLean are dedicated for community involvement"

How did you first come upon researching the history of McLean? "I first joined the McLean Historical Society. I was interested in the past. History has always interested me. Things are the way they are today because of the past. When I started researching the area, I realized that most of the history had not been recorded and that much of the history of McLean was inaccurate, such as the Madison's fleeing to Virginia."

What book do you recommend? "I would recommend "Dream West." I enjoy reading historical novels, as long as they are accurate"

Describe how you would most like to spend one day. "I would have my family, sit by the seaside and relax for the day, reflecting on the water."

If you could be anyone else, who would you be? "I enjoyed the Madison family. Madison was known for his honesty. Monroe was known for his integrity. I also admire Dolley Madison. When you think of heroines you don't necessarily think of Dolley Madison, and you don't realize she had a hard life. However, she was able to rise to the occasion and deal with numerous problems."

If you could meet anyone else (any time in history), who would it be? "I would like to meet James Monroe, the last of the great Revolutionary personalities and a hero of the War of 1812. I would also like to meet John and Jesse Fremont. They opened up the West and John ran for president three times. The two of them were colorful figures in history and led an up-and-down life. Jesse Fremont was the first woman to cross the Isthmus of Panama.