To All at Fairfax Barber Shop

To All at Fairfax Barber Shop


It’s time to leave now

no more hair to cut

a lifetime of memories

and a nervousness in my gut

This is the only place I’ve worked

through laughter and some tears

and I want to say “Thank you!”

for 36 great years

I’ve worked with a family named Fairfax

Who I will really miss

I feel like a brother and a son

And I want to tell them this

I love you now and always

And thanks for all you’ve done

To help us raise four children

Two daughters and two sons

We’ve been blessed with 9 grandchildren

And one great-granddaughter too

And through the years we’ve helped them

And it’s all because of you

For God knew what He was doing

When He let me find this place

Where I cannot only give a haircut

But talk of His wondrous grace

For there’s no better thing I can leave you with

Than the message of His love

To share with you the Gospel

His Son sent from above

May you come to know and love Him

And your face I’ll hope to see

When we get to the promised land called Heaven

Where we’ll spend eternity

Until that time you’ll find me

On a farm that we think is great

A place that’s almost Heaven

In the West Virginia State

Where I can fish and hunt

Or just enjoy the view

With the mother of our children

Who is my best friend too

So thanks to all my customers

I want you to know I care

For God has truly blessed me

He let me cut your hair.