Moran Secures $6 Million for City

Moran Secures $6 Million for City

Alexandria's efforts to improve the ecology and preserve American history received a $6 million vote of confidence July 28 when the U.S. House of Representatives passed the FY 2006 Interior Appropriations bill, H.R.2361, by 410-10.

"Northern Virginia is home to many national treasurers and I am pleased to include funding to help maintain and beautify these public gems as well as fund environmental projects that will keep our area's natural resources clean and provide opportunities for residents to enjoy outdoor activities," said U.S. Rep. James P. Moran (D-8) who included funding for eight area projects in the legislation.

Funds earmarked for Alexandria projects and activities were:

* $3 million for Alexandria-based Water Environment Research Foundation that has played a role in producing improvements in human and ecological health through new water quality processes and technology. It conducts the only national research to help local agencies and businesses meet their water quality responsibilities.

* $1.5 million to assist Alexandria and Arlington in their joint efforts to restore the Four Mile Run Watershed. Last year the two jurisdictions signed an agreement guaranteeing they would match federal resources dedicated to restoring the watershed both to fish and wildlife as well as to provide new recreational opportunities.

* $1 million for the National Biosolids Partnership which works to solve the challenges of recycling more than 40 tons of sludge generated annually by the Alexandria Sanitation Authority treatment plant.

* $250,000 to improve and extend the George Washington Memorial Parkway recreational trail.

* $75,000 to design and establish Freedmen's Cemetery as an appropriate memorial.

* $75,000 for preservation and restoration projects at Alexandria's Athenaeum which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

* $50,000 for repairs to Gadsby's Tavern.

* $50,000 to replace the roof and restore interior furnishings at Carlyle House.