Community Notes

Community Notes

The Montgomery County Board of Elections is proposing to change the boundaries of some of its voting precincts. Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed changes may do so prior to the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, September 19, at 2:30 p.m., at the Board of Elections offices located at 751 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville. The Board will consider any public comments at this meeting.

Maps showing the proposed changes are available for review at the Elections office. Questions and comments should be directed to Paul Valette, Manager of Elections Operations, P.O. Box 4333, Rockville, MD 20849. Valette can also be reached at 240-777-8585 or email at

Changes are proposed for the following polling places:

Tilden Middle School (Precinct 04-10), split into two precincts; Montrose Park Recreation Center (Precinct 04-11), merge with another precinct; Frost Middle School (Precinct 04-20), split into two precincts; St. Mark’s Episcopal Anglican Church, (Precinct 05-04), realign with 05-12 into three precincts; George Meany Center (Precinct 05-07), merge with 05-03; Galway Elementary School (Precinct 05-12), realign with 05-04 into three precincts; New Hope Seventh Day Adventist Church (Precinct 05-20), split into two precincts; Jones Lane Elementary School (Precinct 06-01), split into two precincts; Matsunaga Elementary School (Precinct 06-07), split into two precincts; and Magruder High School (Precinct 08-08), split into two precincts.

Additional precinct boundary changes include:

Mill Creek Town Elementary School (Precinct 09-04), split into two precincts; Flower Hill Elementary School (Precinct 09-21), split into two precincts; Rachel Carson Elementary School (Precinct 09-27), realign boundary with 09-35; Thurgood Marshall Elementary School (Precinct 09-32), eliminate precinct and merge with 09-06, 09-13 and 09-27; LDS Church (Kentlands Ward) (Precinct 09-35), realign boundary with 09-27; Damascus High School (Precinct 12-01), split into two precincts; New Hampshire Estates Elementary School (Precinct 13-41), merge with 13-22; and Stephen Knolls School (Precinct 13-59), merge with 13-31.

For more information, call 240-777-8585.