Bells are Ringing...

Bells are Ringing...

Potomac students head back to school.

Thomas Langan and Ben Plotnick officially became Winston Churchill High School seniors at 6:45 a.m. on Monday morning as they walked in the front entrance of school.

“I love it. This is as good as it gets,” Plotnick said. “This is what you wait 13 years for, basically.”

Dozens of girls in Churchill’s class of ‘06 crowded another school entrance, wearing black “Senior Sluggers” baseball jerseys and wielding inflatable baseball bats to bop students getting off the buses. The sluggers also blew whistles, creating a loud, high-pitched symphony for the students who arrived for the first day of classes.

Senior slugger Stephanie Hwang had also looked forward to this day for a long time. “You’re kind of intimidated when you’re a freshman or sophomore,” Hwang said. “Now we’re excited.”

Whether they felt excited, nervous, dismayed or bored, Montgomery County’s 140,000 public school students took to foot, bicycle, bus or carpool and returned to class as schools reconvened on Monday, Aug. 29.