Sunrise Spreads Good Cheer to Faithful Helpers

Sunrise Spreads Good Cheer to Faithful Helpers

Throughout the year, Joan Sutton and Bryan Lamartin, directors of community relations for Sunrise Assisted Living at Mount Vernon, receive help from the local fire and police departments, doctor’s offices and area businesses.

During the holidays, they like to thank those who have helped them. While they usually deliver gift baskets in street clothes, Sutton and Lamartin decided to jazz it up a little this year and asked Sunrise cook, Sherise Campbell, and her staff to bake 400 cookies.

Then, dressed as an elf and The Grinch, they made the rounds dropping off the goodies. To complete the picture, they borrowed Junior and made him into a Max.

All seemed to enjoy the goodwill gesture and while Capt. Mike Kline, Commander, Mount Vernon District Station, told Lamartin that it was illegal to wear a mask in public, he said it was probably okay as long as he didn’t go into a bank.