Fire Damages Homes

Fire Damages Homes

A two-alarm fire on the morning Feb. 2 damaged three Prince Street homes causing an estimated $685,000 damage and resulting in the homes to be condemned by the fire marshal.

Firefighters arrived on the scene at approximately 11:39 a.m. that morning to find fire coming from the top floor of 1119 Prince St. It then spread rapidly to the attached houses at 1121 and 1123 Prince before being contained, according to Jane Malik, public information officer, Alexandria Fire Department.

"The cause of the fire, which started in the second floor area of 1119, was determined to be electrical," Malik said. Total estimated damages to the three residences according to the Fire Department broke down as follows: 1119 Prince - $425,000; 1121 Prince - $200,000; and 1123 Prince - $60,000.

There were no reported injuries although three cats were rescued by firefighters and taken to Alexandria Animal Hospital for treatment, Malik reported. The occupants of the three properties found other accommodations.

"The owners are going to have to do some very extensive repairs to all three properties, particularly 1119. They are probably going to need all new wiring," said Michael Conner, Alexandria's chief fire marshal.

"These were all the old balloon construction where there is no fire wall between the properties. The fire went straight to the attic area where it gained air and that's why the extensive damage. Each of the properties will need a new roof," he said.