Juvenile Indicted in Murder

Juvenile Indicted in Murder

Rody Phillips, 14, was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at Fairfax County Circuit Court.

The grand jury charged Phillips with two counts, the murder and attempted robbery of Sun Ku Kwon, 60. Kwon was stabbed the morning of Dec. 6, 2004 at the 7-Eleven store on Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, where he worked as the night clerk.

Officers located Phillips, whom they did not name at the time, soon after the murder near the Cooper Center in the 8400 block of Richmond Highway, according to a police report. He was interviewed by detectives, taken into custody and transported to the Fairfax County Juvenile Detention Center where a juvenile petition for homicide was issued for him.

Last month, Phillips' case was cleared to go to the Fairfax County Court grand jury. Phillips was charged as an adult.

Kwon worked at the 7-Eleven in Mount Vernon more than 28 years.