Squeeze in One More House

Squeeze in One More House

Town Council divides lot.

Vienna will add one more household after the Town Council gave approval to a resubdivision plan at its Jan. 24 meeting.

A property at the corner of Cottage Street Southwest and Kingsley Road, Southwest will be split. “Basically, the plan in front of you is dividing a lot of 20,000 square feet in half,” said John Sekas, the developer.

The new properties will require the installation of a new sewer line, which will require the removal of several trees. Councilmember Laurie Cole questioned the number of trees that would be removed.

Sekas explained that the new line would badly damage the root system of several trees. The damage would likely lead to the death of those trees within three to five years, he said. “I would much rather plant new trees,” said Sekas.

The plan was approved unanimously.

The Council also approved an ordinance exempting service dogs from paying the town’s dog license fee. The fee is $10, or $5 if the dog has been spayed or neutered. Service dogs help individuals with disabilities. Seeing Eye dogs are perhaps the best-known type of dog in this category.

The Council awarded a lease financing agreement to Freedom Bank of Virginia. The bank will finance the Town’s purchase of $530,130 worth of new vehicles and will charge the Town a finance cost of $33,118.58.

The Council adopted an ordinance that gives it control of the placement and use of public-use trailers, such as the trailers used for additional classroom space at schools.

The Council set a date of Feb. 28 for a public hearing on requested supplemental appropriations to the Town budget totaling approximately $1 million and for a proposed ordinance that will change the definition of the term “shopping center.”

Councilmembers George Lovelace and Maud Robinson announced that they will be running for re-election to the Town Council. Councilmember Sydney Verinder had previously announced his candidacy. All three incumbents on the Town Council who are up for election this year will run. The election is set for May 3. Town residents interested in running for a seat on the Town Council may pick up forms in the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall, 127 Center St. S.