Gators on the Loose

Gators on the Loose

Vienna Aquatic Club’s Raft Nights and potlucks help members stay cool.

Out of the 450 families registered at Vienna Aquatic Club, around half are represented on the swim team.

"Our swim team is huge," said manager Meredith Phillips. "Most of our social life revolves around the swim team."

The night before home meets, the Gators host a potluck dinner, and the morning before away meets, a breakfast.

But club still makes for a close-knit community, said lifeguard Carmen Menendez.

"It’s like a little town," said Menendez. "Everbody knows who everybody is. All the lifeguards know who the members are."

Other social activities include a Raft Night on occasional Sundays, said Phillips, where members can bring rafts and floats to swim with, and an annual party for adult members. This year, it’s a shrimp and crab party.

"There’s a good mix between kids and families, and older kids," said Phillips.

Pam Silberstein of Portugal visited the pool on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon with her friend Kate Hofherr and their families. Although the weather had been stormy all week, they were not deterred.

"It’s worth being in the pool, even for an hour, in this weather," said Silberstein. "Especially for the kids. What are they going to do? Stay inside?"