Around Town: Development

Around Town: Development

Herndon has seen its fair share of developments and development proposals within the past few years.

Currently there are at least five developments at varying stages in the construction process, and a few still awaiting final approval from the Town Council.

Almost finished is Herndon Mill, located at the end of Jonquil Lane, off of Elden Street. That development has 75 townhouses, into which many residents have already moved. Fortnightly Square is a development that has gone up quickly. Created by the town in partnership with Fairfax County, the current development is slated to have 82 townhouses and 69 condominium units. An additional application for "part two" of the development proposes the construction of 21 more townhouses and 48 condominium units to be constructed where the Park Avenue Apartments are located.

Moving from Fortnightly Square on Center Street to Locust Street, Doll Homes is currently working on building five single family homes.

In addition they will begin the construction of 12 townhouses divided into two developments of six houses, further up Locust Street toward Herndon Middle School.

Farther out of the Historic Downtown area, existing single family homes on Little Street were torn down within the past few months to prepare for the construction of 41 townhouses.

Heading out of the core downtown area toward Chestnut Grove Cemetery, other construction is underway off of Tyler Street.

Five single family homes, some constructed and others waiting to be built, will make up the Longhill Proper subdivision.

In addition, the Town Council recently approved a zoning amendment for land between Van Buren and Grant Streets to allow 34 townhouses to be built off of Elden Street.

Council also approved a preliminary subdivision plan by Doll Homes to build 11 single family homes off of Monroe Street and keep one existing home.