Day Labor Site Application

Day Labor Site Application

Project Hope and Harmony's application for a conditional use permit to use the Herndon Police Station as a location for a formal day labor site was reviewed at the Planning Commission's June 27 work session.

Carl Sivertsen, Commission Chair, said commissioners had questions regarding the feasibility of the site. Commissioners questioned if the site were approved by the Town Council, would they then be able to enact an ordinance simultaneously that would make all other labor sites in town illegal.

Because the police station is partially in Herndon and partially in Sterling, Sivertsen said commissioners questioned how Loudoun County residents felt about the proposal. He said they want to make sure there will be no problems in the future from Loudoun County officials.

Another issue they considered was the problem of laborers cutting through residential neighborhoods and yards to get to the site.

Commissioners would like to see some form of analysis for the site, detailing the impact it will have.

"We looked at it as it is," he said. "Does it meet the requirements, how's it going to operate, what assurance is added that it's going to be run well, will there be other sites in the area?"

Commissioner Bill Tirrell also said he had concerns with the hours of operation and whether or not workers who are not employed will leave the site after hours.

"I don't want to see it turn into the NRC II," he said about it becoming a new neighborhood resource center. "Once the employment is done for the day, then the site should close down so it does not become a hang-out ground."

The Planning Commission is scheduled to hold a public hearing July 11 at 7: 30 p.m. in council chambers to hear comment pertaining to this application and others on its current agenda.

"The goal is that people will focus on the land use of the proposal as opposed to other issues," said Sivertsen, adding the town has received two petitions from Loudoun County residents opposing the site. "It's a hot topic, but it's always going to be a hot topic."