15th Anniversary Gala Dinner Supports Theatre

15th Anniversary Gala Dinner Supports Theatre

As Aldersgate Church Community Theatre (ACCT) enters its 15th season, it has to replace technical equipment such as a lighting board, drape, and stage floor. With new equipment, not only can ACCT may continue to provide quality community theater, but it will also benefit all church and community members who use the stage or attend any performances in Wesley Hall.

To help meet those needs, members of ACCT held a 15th Anniversary Fundraiser and Gala at the church last weekend. Lyndsay Austin said that their goal was to raise $13,200; she believes that they raised about $9,000.

"There were 80 people in attendance, both donors and long-time supporters of ACCT. The event was also dedicated to two people, Mark DePolo, who passed away a few years ago, and Christine Nixon, who passed away last week. Nixon was the church administrator, and very active with ACCT over the years. She was last remembered playing Grace in Annie a year ago," Austin said.