Taylor Run

EMBASSY RECEPTION — This neighborhood sure does support the arts. Six of us from one block — Lynn Hampton, Dennis Auld, Paula and Dave Rutherford, Suzie Jackson, and L.K. Hunt — showed up for the Arts Patron Reception at the Russian Embassy.

Paula rose to the occasion by putting in the winning bid for a luncheon with James Carville. Ann Corson, always present at elegant events, looked smashing in a pastel orange and yellow chiffon. David Leonard, Michael and Elizabeth Rutherford, and Donnie Wintermute were also enjoying the sumptuous buffet.

VAN LANDINGHAM HONORED — The Friend of the Friends award, recognizing significant contributions to the advancement of the Friends' mission, was given this year to Del. Marian Van Landingham. Judith Wilsey, executive director of the Arts Center, made the presentation, while directors Maureen Rehg, husband Rob, Sue Lynch, Julie Williams, and Jamaliah Morais watched along with Tanya Davis, new president of the Torpedo Factory Artists' Association, and Andrea Peterson, past president.

Also to be seen amidst the vodka-bearing waiters were Sally Tyler, state Sen. Patsy Ticer, Kay and Dick Hobson, Susan and T.J. Fannon, and Suzie Jackson.

RUSSIAN MUSIC — Parishioners of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, were pleased to see their organist, Svetlana Nikorova, playing the domra in the St. Petersburg Trio, which entertained throughout the evening. The trio also included a balakaika and a Russian accordion. Ginny and Jim Bradley, Jeanie Lange, and L.K. Hunt were the parishioners.

DONLEY AUCTIONEER — Working hard to help raise a record sum was Kerry Donley. Cheering everything on were directors: President Stephen Madison and wife Marcia; Vice President Mike Geissinger and wife Barbara Breecher, Dr. Sally Garen and husband John Chapman, Kathryn Kent with husband Chris, Mary Hurlbut Seith and husband, and Luba Taubvertzel.

PARK ROAD PARTY — The Beckmanns and the McAteers threw a great party on a perfect summer evening in the McAteers' perfect garden, to the delight of more than 68 people, teen-agers and adults.

Among the crowd were Suzie Jackson, Lynn Hampston, Dennis Auld, the O'Briens, and the Busseys — daughter Rachael is on her way to music camp at Aspen, then France, before she returned to Northwestern.

Sherry and Charles York, busy renovating 400 Hilltop, were there with the Johnsons, Gallaghers, and Parkers — the new people on Park Road.

NEW RESIDENT — Dr. Paul Kaplowitz, head of endocrinology at Childrens' Hospital, who has just moved into the house on King Street formerly occupied by Ralph Capobianco of King Street Blues, was there, as were Maureen and Patrick Marr, Judy and Mike Klesius, and Cary and Kerin Kelly, the owner of that well-known dog Guiness.

Bob Schoenhaus was there; so were Sharon Grigley and Kerry Watkin, who report that daughter Amie is loving her time in Mexico before senior year at Vassar. Marilee Cunningham, Newby Richarson, Don Smith, the Lawsons, and George Stelluto were present.

NEW ZEALAND SURPRISE — Everyone ate salmon, steak, zillions of vegetables, and zillions of desserts, capped by Pavlovas, that New Zealand national dessert which Janet Beckman somehow learned to make, "Where did you learn that?" asked her mother. Every single one was eaten up.

<1b>— Lois Kelso Hunt