Carl Franklin Godfrey, Jr.

Frank Godfrey, 51, died unexpectedly of a heart attack June 23, 2005 while at home with his family. Frank leaves his beloved wife of 16 years, Colette Cooper Godfrey, and two children, Cooper Franklin Godfrey, 13, and Meredith Helen Capri Godfrey, 10.

Godfrey was born in El Paso, Texas on Aug. 10, 1953, the son of Lt. Col. (ret.) Carl F. and Anne Godfrey, currently of Colonial Heights, Va.

Godfrey grew up in Texas and Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech University. He earned a graduate degree from George Washington University's Graduate School for Government and Business Administration.

First and foremost, Godfrey was a dedicated family man who loved his wife, Colette and their children, Cooper and Meredith. He was an avid boater and always made certain he and his family were near a navigable coastline. The Godfrey family resides in Alexandria, Va., Tilghman Island, Md., and Naples, Fla.

Godfrey played a leadership role for nearly 20 years in building the largest government affairs firm in the United States while focusing his personal government advocacy practice in the areas of healthcare, education, defense and the environment.

Most recently, Godfrey was a partner with The National Group in Washington, D.C. He began his 25-year career of Congressional and government affairs service as senior legislative assistant and executive assistant to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. (D-Mass.). During his tenure with O'Neill, Godfrey was responsible for the Speaker's legislative agenda in the areas of community development, education, energy and defense. Additionally on behalf the Speaker of the House, Godfrey served as liaison to the governor and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts on federal issues affecting the State of Massachusetts. Godfrey was a member of the John F. Kerry Steering Committee for President.