FYI and Founder Celebrate Joint Birthdays

FYI and Founder Celebrate Joint Birthdays

Friday was a big day for Sharon Rainey and the Great Falls FYI Network.

The organization, which provides information and helpful lists of references to members via e-mail, recently expanded to include services in McLean, which inspired a name change, from the “FYI Network” to “Neighbors,” to reflect its growing community. In addition, FYI hit the 1,000-member benchmark. This all coincided with president Sharon Rainey’s birthday

So Karen Bush, a vice president of FYI, decided it was time to party.

A room was rented in the Tower Club, and what was originally intended to be a surprise party was planned. Of course, when the company’s president presides over an information network, things are bound to be found out.

“The only thing Sharon doesn’t know is who’s going to be here,” Bush said. “She knows what the party’s for, she knows everything but the guest list. And we tried so hard to be sneaky!”

About 20 people attended the party, which also featured a special cake made by Effie Shaw of Herndon. It featured the FYI logo, both the old and new names, congratulations on having over 1,000 members, and a happy birthday to Rainey.

Rainey also received, later that day, a letter of thanks and a Task Force Commander’s Coin, courtesy of the Canadian Army, for her work in collecting, mailing and providing Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan with Beanie Babies to donate to orphanages and children’s hospitals there. The Commander’s Coin was designed to commemorate those serving in Afghanistan who demonstrate dedication and compassion to their fellow soldiers and the Afghan people, the letter said.

--Amber Healy