River Nears Flood Level

River Nears Flood Level

At Point of Rocks, the river was at 10.7 feet Tuesday morning and expected to rise to 20 feet Wednesday, exceeding the flood level of 16 feet at that location. At the Little Falls Pumping Station the river was at 8 early Tuesday and expected to crest at 10 feet Wednesday.

Some Potomac residents reported brief power outages due to the weather, though Mary-Beth Hutchinson, a PEPCO spokesperson said that a total of about 1400 outages were reported across PEPCO’s service area: Washington, D.C. and most of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

“We were lucky. It was not a big storm in terms of outages,” Hutchinson said.

We really never like to sound casual about it — even though it’s a small number for our system, it’s a hundred percent of a few.”

She added that outages of a few hours or less generally don’t factor in to the statistics. A brief outage is evidence of a quick response by technicians. An outage that’s over “before your ice cubes can melt,” Hutchinson said, “that’s a happy story for us.”