Churchill Prom Viewpoints

Churchill Prom Viewpoints

How did you two become prom dates?

Pablo Steneri and Ali Berg

“We’ve just been good friends for awhile now.”

Bari Solomon and Steven Siegel

“We’ve been going out since sophomore year.”

James Gregory and Calle Norman

“We’ve been dating a long time, over a year. I keep her out of trouble.”

Allison Rosenthal and Gary Smith

“We’re going as friends — Calle Norman set us up.”

Kyle Smith and Tracy Leyba

“We’ve been dating for three years.”

Kimi Cissel and Jordan Silberman

“I asked Kimi and she said yes.”

Matt Chandler and Lindsey Gravitz

“I was going to do this pimped-out asking thing where I was going to put candles around in the car and pop in the Usher CD, but basically I wussed out. So then after sixth period, I just asked her. She said, ‘Absolutely.’”

Jan Bachowski and Samantha Gould

“We’ve been together for two years.”

Rachel Swartz and Andrew Braun

“I was at my house and all of a sudden my cell phone rings, and it was Andrew on the phone. I hadn’t talked to him in a while. He said to look outside. Along the pathway were lit candles, and at the end of the sidewalk was him with a sign saying ‘Prom?’”

Adam Jaffe and Courtney Levy

“It just kind of happened.”

Sondra Polan and Casey Finger

“I just asked her.”

Taylor Gerber and Allyson Segal

“I think he’s hot — and he’s a nice guy.”

Jamie Reutershan and Katie Fitzgerald

“I just asked her — we’re going as friends.”

Taylor Lawch and Emily Talbot

“We’ve been dating awhile.”

Mary Morser and Clay Violand

“We met through our church youth group.”

Dylan Conn and Rachel Sushner

“We’re boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Derrick Smith and Yanta Anderson

“We’re best friends.”

Shreya Mukherji and Mirza Ahmed

“We’re best friends.”

Claire McManus and Jeff Chruniak

”We’re old neighbors and we’ve been friends since we were about 3.”

Ben Hoffman and Leia Lorica

“We met in eighth grade math class — the rest is history.”

Nick Gazel and Quinn Taurman

“We’ve been friends forever, pretty much.”

Max Broder and Dana Rosenberg

“We’ve been going together for 10 months — there’s nobody I’d rather go with than Max.”

Matt Haven and Liz Alfandre

“We were kind of friends — one of our friends set us up.”

Paris Kolker and Sam Wolfe

“Through a friend.”