Arlington this Week

Arlington this Week

<sh>School Board Relocates Program to Langston

<bt>The Arlington School Board met on May 19. The meeting began with an instructional presentation on the “An Adventure of the American Mind Northern Virginia” grant. The program promotes the use of Library of Congress primary sources and is a joint effort involving teachers from Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church public schools.

Following the presentation, the Board approved a proposal to relocate the Applied Academics and Career Education (AACE) program from the Career Center to Langston Brown School & Community Center. Beginning in September of 2005, the six students currently enrolled in the program, along with new registrants, will take their academic courses at Langston, but will maintain ties to the Career Center for technical courses.

Additionally, the board heard staff responses to the ACI Advisory Committee recommendations in arts, career, technical and adult education, early childhood and ESOL/HILT.

The superintendent updated the board on the progress of negotiations with the Arlington County Manager regarding a Memorandum of Understanding for the Washington-Lee synthetic turf. Negotiations will continue between the county and the school system, and the superintendent will report back to the board on June 2 regarding hours of use and other operating logistics.

Call 703-228-2400 to hear the superintendent’s meeting summary. Minutes of the meeting will be posted at board upon School Board approval after the June 2 meeting.

<sh>March on Richmond

<bt>The Arc of Virginia at its 22 affiliated chapters across the state want to march on Richmond on October 1 to show elected officials and communities that Virginians with disabilities want the same things their "non-disabled" peers want: friends/family, housing, education, jobs, healthcare, transportation, recreation, safe communities and places to worship.

The march from Northern Virginia will begin on Sunday, September 25, when Mark Brobston, a staff member of the Arc, begins his 100-mile march to Richmond. Brobston is going to backpack to Richmond to demonstrate the "bare bones" lifestyle that Arc feels the commonwealth provides for many Virginian's with disabilities.

To learn how to support the effort, visit Buses to Richmond leave on Oct. 1.

<sh>Summer School Schedule Revised

<bt>The summer school schedule for Arlington County has been corrected:

Summer school will begin on July 11 and end on Aug. 11 for elementary and middle school students and Aug. 19 for high school students. Enrichment courses meet for three weeks within this time frame. Classes meet Monday though Friday and times depend on location.

Friday, June 3:

Student registration for middle school summer make-up-and-strengthening classes closes.

Student registration for middle school Spanish Immersion program closes.

Student registration for the summer Stratford Program closes.

Student registration for the summer Life Skills Program closes.

Wednesday, June 15:

Student registration for high school make-up-and-strengthening classes closes.

June 30:

Late registration for middle and high school students who are registering for make-up-and-strengthening courses will be held from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. in the Yorktown High School cafeteria. Students will not be able to register for new-work-for-credit classes during late registration.

Student registration for the English SOL strengthening class in writing closes.

July 11:

First day of summer school.

July 29:

Student registration for all other SOL strengthening classes closes.

August 11:

Last day of summer school for elementary and middle school students.

August 19:

Last day of summer school for high school students.

Parents and students should register at their home schools or, in the case of students in private schools in Arlington, at what would have been their home schools had they attended APS, by 4 p.m. on the deadline. For more information call 703-228-7645.