Ghost, Goblins, Princesses, Oh My!

Ghost, Goblins, Princesses, Oh My!

Residents of the Kingston Chase neighborhood celebrated Halloween early this year with their annual Kingston Chase Halloween Parade and Party last Saturday.

Planned by residents Suzanne Hediger and Marcy Brizzolara, this year's event attracted many princesses, witches, Star Wars, fantasy and comic book characters.

Roughly 60 to 80 children participated in the event that included a magic show by Ralph the Great. Children and their parents also received some baked "treats" by Judy Vierow, Shannon McClain, and Marcy Brizzolara. The annual parade took place in the Kingston Chase neighborhood with the magic show following in the clubhouse. Leading this years' parade were Lance and Lisa Theiser, who were dressed as the King and Queen of Kingston Chase.