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Neighborhood Columns

Taylor Run and Rosemont


FALL PARTY: Taylor Run Civic Association drew more than 100 revelers, many charming children in costume, to a party on the grounds of Paulette and John Korns’s King Street house.

The Jefferson Street Strutters, that marvelous Dixieland band, entertained. There was much dancing and clapping by the junior element, some of whom had never heard Dixieland nor had the chance to stand on the drummer’s feet.

Barbara Carnes came in with wonderful vocals, Cathy Gotschall blew bravely on her tuba (Cathy learned to play tuba simply because she had always wanted to be in a Diixieland band), Les Elkins played trumpet, Jim Kaiser twanked the banjo, Steve Luchter played clarinet, Charlotte Norwood trombone and drummer Larry Livingston and keyboard player Paul Frank entertained the small fry.

As usual the canine resident, Jake, welcomed all guests, particularly another Golden Retriever who showed up with Kathleen Coleman and Christine Einerson.

NEW NEIGHBORS: Elizabeth and Bob McMahon, recent arrivals in our neighborhood, came to the party, as did Linda and Willie Moncure with daughter Emily and friend Lizzy Broetzmann. Maitland Bottoms came from the Marine Corps Marathon, where he had been assisting; Randy Cole, president, came from running in that race. Jack House worked hard with refreshments, as did Marilee Cunningham and Mary Newbould. Jill and Bob Adams were there with two splendid dancers — Abby and Ben. Long time members Li and Allan Robbins enjoyed the music, as did Chuck Linderman and Mike Cook.

VICE MAYOR PEPPER: Del Pepper, always a good friend to the civic association, came, and so did candidate David Englin. Sharon Crampton, Jeanne Marie Murphy, Kellie Meehan, Ellyn and Ross Simone and Suzie Jackson seemed to be having a fine time. Maureen Marrr brought her charming daughters Cate, Megan and Bridget, while Christine and Rich Winkler brought Emma.

HURRICANE VOLUNTEER: Let us all give three cheers for Vi Saunders of Vassar Road, safely back from doing Red Cross work for survivors of Hurricane Rita. An RN, Vi just retired from 34 years of work at Alexandria Hospital. She was stunned by what she saw: “80 miles of devastation. There were so many needs — social, health, economic. People here cannot comprehend what happened there.” There were nurses from every state in the union, and Canada and Costa Rica.

“I was so impressed by the people — so determined, so courageous. I did not meet one person I didn’t like.

“As to the whole experience, I got more than I gave.”

— Lois Kelso Hunt


The Nov. 3 RCA meeting at Maury included a lively, yet civilized debate between candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates, 45th District, David Englin (D) and Chris Gregerson (R). Councilman Andrew Macdonald was also at the meeting and spoke on the subject of extending the Historic District on King Street beyond its present boundary at King and Peyton. When the district was established by ordinance in 1949, it extended protection to all buildings anywhere in the city with a minimum age of 100 years.

Parts of King Street located outside of the western side of the 1949 boundary, include a number of townhouses, occupied today mainly by small businesses, which date from the early 20th century. Even with an ordinance extending the Old and Historic District, there would still be a debate about what buildings should be preserved and what parts of them should be preserved within the new boundary. Council member Macdonald stressed that an ordinance would not halt growth, only direct it in certain ways.

FOLLOWING a 13-year hiatus, residents of West Oak Street resumed their longstanding tradition of annual block parties under clear and balmy skies Oct. 1. Kudos to Oak Streeters Nancy Lopez and Cindy Fuller for initiating the two-hour gathering and picnic that was a unanimous hit with all attendees.

The smell of barbequed dogs and bratwurst signaled the start of the occasion that dates back many years, as the photo scrapbook of past events demonstrated. But veterans of past parties were clearly among the minority thanks to the block's heavy turnover.

Joyce and Joe Smith, compiler of the scrapbook and the block's designated historians, officially turned over the photo duties to Nancy and Cindy, who pledged to keep the flame.

THE HALLOWEEN PARTY at Maury was a big smash this year with 120 dinners served to hungry Rosemont trick-or-treaters last Monday evening. Thanks to Sally Schneider for running the event. Learn about school uniforms and purchase wrapping paper for Maury School online at Metro fans, watch for the opening of the King Street Metro overpass around mid-December this year.

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— Francine Neville