Decorating for the Holidays

Decorating for the Holidays

Ideas from The Virginia Florist.

Layering is the trick to decorating for the holidays this year.

According to Anne Allen, buyer and decorator for The Virginia Florist, layering makes for some elegant looks, without huge cost or a lot of work.

Allen said that various kinds of wreaths look nice when layered. In the store display, she uses a green wreath as a base and tops it with a ball wreath.

“Wreaths inside a wreath are a fun look,” Allen said. “It’s different, fun and beautiful; easy and not too expensive.”

The front display window bursts with color as Allen makes use of layering. She starts with an urn filled with magnolia, plain garland and silver garland. She adds live white birch and white glittering sticks.

Wreaths can be set on top of urns to augment them and make them look full. Allen also uses green wreaths as a base around the four-foot pistol pines that are very popular this year.

“People like them because they have the Western look,” said Kevin Green, owner of The Virginia Florist.

That is thanks to a base made of rustic piece of wood. Allen uses wreaths here as well, putting a green wreath around the base of the tree for a tabletop decoration.

“It gussies it up,” she said.

With a price tag of $39 apiece the pistol pines are very popular. The red berry gumdrop shaped trees are also favored but are a little pricier at $150 apiece. While red, green and silver continue to be time-honored favorites, turquoise and copper are the new color combination this year. The florist has a section with turquoise ornaments, vases, tree toppers and accessories.

Also in this year are ray garlands and iced garlands. The ray garlands come in red and green, while the iced garlands come in silver and look like clusters of pearls.

“Pearls are very popular this year,” she said.