Candidates Earn Big Money

Candidates Earn Big Money

Del. Black Doubled Poisson’s Fund-raising Efforts

Candidates for the 32nd District are not only knocking on doors, but raising money for the race for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Republican incumbent Del. Dick Black has raised more than double the amount of his opponent, Democratic candidate David Poisson, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

Black has raised a total of $312,921 and spent a total of $129,999, leaving him with an ending balance of $201,782 on the Sept. 29 financial report. Black received his largest contributions from individual donors. He also received donations from associations and corporations, including the State Employee Rights Campaign, Virginia Bankers Association, Virginia Auto Dealers Association, NRA Political Victory Fund, Virginia Conservative Action PAC, and the Virginia Petroleum Marketers Association.

Black’s biggest expenditure, $29,915, was on his staff and political consultants. He spent 18 percent of his earnings, $22,864, on direct mail.

His opponent, Poisson raised $147,024, less than half the amount Black has raised. He spent $71,803, leaving him with $75,220 on Sept. 29. His biggest expenditure, $20,314, was on his campaign manager, Andrew Resnick. Only 7 percent of his earnings, $2,790 was spent on direct mail.

Many associations funded Poisson’s campaign, including One Virginia PAC, World Inspection Network International Inc., Leadership for Virginia, Democracy for America, Broad Run Investment, Inc., Distilled Spirits Council of US, Direct Selling Association, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Virginia State AFL-CIO and the Virginia Education Association.