Can't See Problem

Can't See Problem

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I recently received a mailer from Del. Dave Albo (D-42) where he takes credit for revamping the Springfield Interchange — the "Mixing Bowl." I found that interesting, because the interchange isn't even in his district. And if he wants to claim responsibility for that effort, he should have mentioned that the project is now four times over budget. The initial price was $220 million, and according to a federal report issued in 2002, the price tag now reads $1 billion. The reason? "Poor oversight," to quote the report. And according to the Virginia Department of Transportation, the interchange is the most dangerous spot on the Beltway, with more accidents happening per driver than anywhere else.

Albo mentions that he is the "leader on a team" that helped deliver transportation dollars. The truth is that Albo repeatedly votes against local transportation funding — two examples are his vote against Governor Warner's budget, which had millions allocated for our area, and his vote against the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, which would have provided cash infusions to fix local traffic problems. Perhaps he really believes that traffic isn't a problem in Northern Virginia — how else can you explain his quotes that Fairfax "definitely gets its fair share of transportation dollars," and that his accomplishments in traffic have been "miraculous." He hasn't addressed the problem because he simply doesn't see it.

Yesterday, while exiting the interchange toward Springfield, I noticed a large banner that Jerry Kilgore put up which reads "Get traffic moving ... " Maybe Mr. Kilgore could give Albo a call, and tell him that traffic in Northern Virginia really is a problem.

Joan Salemni