Credit to Albo

Credit to Albo

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

You published a letter from Elaine O'Hora [ "Flexibility Needed," Connection, Oct. 13-19, 2005] chastising Del. Dave Albo (R-42) for overstating his role in building the new South County Secondary School. All I can say is that four years ago, Dave Albo was the only person who thought we could have a new high school before 2010. And he was the first elected representative to suggest that schools could be built using a public/private partnership. I remember it well; I served as the moderator of the election debate when Dave first introduced this idea. What impressed me most that night, as it still does today, is that Dave Albo looks for solutions to solve problems, even if it means looking for alternatives that no one has suggested before. That takes both hard work and wisdom and Dave Albo has demonstrated both throughout his tenure as our delegate. This morning my children boarded the bus to go to that school which was built by Clark Construction through a public-private partnership. It seems clear to me, Dave Albo's Public-Private School Construction Plan legislation assisted with the "sooner, rather than later" delivery of a magnificent, state of the art new school. Along with the hundreds of South County parents, I want to thank Dave Albo for believing in the project from the beginning and believing in our community. From what I have observed over several years, Dave clearly works harder and is much wiser than the opponent he faces in this upcoming election.

Deedee Collins

Fairfax Station