David Marsden for the 41st District

David Marsden for the 41st District

Voters in this district should embrace the logical successor to retiring Jim Dillard. We’ll miss Dillard, his leadership, his moral compass and his ability to get results.

David Marsden, who worked as Dillard’s aide, has the experience, the understanding of the workings of the House of Delegates and the understanding of local needs that will serve Fairfax well.

Marsden’s grasp of the many issues that are encompassed by the gang problem will be a major asset in the House of Delegates. Marsden, who ran the Fairfax County Juvenile Detention Center for 17 years, understands the need for prevention (partnerships for success, not prison) as well as greater law enforcement efforts.

On-the-ground experience in local government leads to respect for the decisions and work done at the local level, a key qualification for a state delegate from Northern Virginia.

Two years ago, Marsden worked for Republican Dillard and now-Republican Michael Golden was an independent challenger to Dillard. Golden, who challenged Dillard from the right, has learned a lot in the ensuing two years, but he has been ensnared in the perils of staking out positions that try to fly both with the moderate district and his very conservative political mentors.