Englin in the 45th

Englin in the 45th

David Englin (D) emerged as the top vote getter in a hotly contested Democratic primary in Alexandria and Arlington that featured six candidates.

The Harvard-educated, stay-at-home parent is a bundle of intelligence and energy who is not afraid to tout his mandate to serve as a progressive successor to Marion Van Landingham.

His ideas include some that might have a chance in Richmond, like his plan to help Virginia residents save money on prescription drugs. More than a decade serving in the Air Force will boost Englin’s credibility.

At 31, Englin still has plenty learn and Van Landingham’s unparalleled legacy to live up to. He won’t fit seamlessly into the Richmond power structure, and even some of his soon-to-be Democratic colleagues in the House of Delegates raise an eyebrow at his confidence and enthusiasm.

But we predict that Englin will be a quick study and will have an impact in Richmond, much as Adam Ebbin had in his first term.

Chris Greggerson (R), Englin’s opponent, has made great use of his candidacy, advocating for volunteer contributions to local schools, among other things. The community is lucky to have activists like Greggerson, and his candidacy has raised important issues in the 45th.