Techway Is Alive In State of Virginia

Techway Is Alive In State of Virginia

Its pulse is weak in Maryland, but the Techway bridge is still much discussed in Virginia.

The bridge would connect Virginia to Maryland somewhere between the existing American Legion Bridge and Point of Rocks. The proposed bridge, called Techway because it would link the high-tech Dulles Corridor with the biotech I-270 Corridor, has been studied for years. An assortment of different alignments have been proposed for the bridge and its accompanying four-to-six lane highway.

Several of these proposed alignments would cut through existing neighborhoods in Potomac. Such a highway would likely involve tearing up dozens if not hundreds of Potomac homes.

Now, each of the three major candidates in Virginia's governor's race — former Attorney general Jerry Kilgore (R), Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine (D) and State Sen. Russ Potts (R-Winchester) — have proposed building a Techway. None of the three have a specific alignment in mind, and say they would defer to engineering studies to determine where best to put the bridge.

In 2004, the Montgomery County Council passed a unanimous resolution opposing any bridge which would end in the county, citing concerns about disturbing existing neighborhoods and damage to the agricultural reserve.

In November 2003, Maryland Secretary of Transportation Robert Flanagan said that the Techway is not, in any way, being discussed by the Ehrlich administration.