Candidates Release Fund-raising Totals

Candidates Release Fund-raising Totals

David Englin and Chris Gregerson are in financially-lopsided race.

With the November election for House of Delegates just around the corner, candidates for the 45th District have released another round of fund-raising totals. The numbers show a lopsided race, with Democrat David Englin having raised and spent a significant amount more money than Republican Chris Gregerson — although Gregerson goes into the final days of the race with more cash on hand.

Englin has raised a total of $123,921 and spent a total of $110,645, leaving him with an ending balance of $13,276. With the Democratic primary behind him, Englin has been receiving checks from several associations and corporations, including: the Virginia Dental Association, the Virginia Auto Dealers Association, the Virginia Soft Drink Association, Dominion Power, Seven Eleven, the Virginia Medical Society, Waste Management, Virginia Educational Association, Alexandria Hyundai and the Virginia AFL-CIO. He also received $500 of transfer money from the campaign of Del. Robert Brink (D-48). In addition to this, the candidate has loaned his campaign $35,500.

Englin's biggest expenditure has been to a Connecticut-based communications firm that has put together direct mail, campaign literature and walk cards. So far, Englin has made nine payments totaling $41,348 to Bridge Communications for the campaign literature. About 33 percent of his expenditures have been for direct mail.

Gregerson has raised a total of $23,080 and spent a total of $13,802, leaving him with an ending balance of $13,802. The candidate is the largest donor to his campaign, giving $1,105. He has also loaned the campaign $5,000. Gregerson has received contributions from Alexandria City Council candidate Townsend Van Fleet, Alexandria City Republican Committee chairman Christopher Marston and the Annapolitan Care Center in Annapolis, Md. The Virginia Republican Party transferred $1,000 to the campaign.

Gregerson's biggest expenditure has been his campaign manager, whom he has paid a total of $4,400. Only 9 percent of his expenditures have gone toward direct mail.

Selected contributions to the Englin campaign:

* $3,000 from the Virginia Dental Association

* $1,000 from the Virginia Auto Dealers Association

* $750 from the Virginia Soft Drink Association

* $500 from Dominion Power

* $500 from Seven Eleven

* $500 from the Virginia Medical Society

* $500 from Waste Management

* $250 from Citigroup

* $200 from the Virginia Education Association

* $100 from Alexandria Hyundai

Selected contributions to the Gregerson campaign:

* $1,105 from Chris Gregerson

* $1,000 from the Virginia Republican Party

* $1,000 from City Council candidate Townsend Van Fleet

* $600 from Alexandria Republican City Committee Chairman Chris Marston

* $250 from the Annapolitan Care Center