DuPree Postpones Vote on Stone Hill Middle’s Attendance Boundary

DuPree Postpones Vote on Stone Hill Middle’s Attendance Boundary

School Board Holds Attendance Boundary

After spending long days with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, School Board chairman Robert DuPree (Dulles) announced he would postpone the Tuesday night's vote on Stone Hill Middle School’s attendance boundary.

The School Board was scheduled to adopt the staff recommended attendance boundary for Stone Hill Middle School, as presented on March 14. The staff recommended changes be made to the current attendance boundaries of Belmont Ridge, Eagle Ridge, Farmwell Station and Mercer middle schools. The changes would take affect in fall 2007.

DuPree made the decision Tuesday afternoon after receiving several comments about the boundary process. He apologized to the School Board and to the public about the tardiness of his proposal due to school budget meetings with the Board of Supervisors.

“There have been some concerns about the boundary process,” DuPree said. “I tried to come up with a proposal, but I put it out too late and that’s not fair to the public or my colleagues on the board.”

School Board member John Andrews (Potomac) commended DuPree for his hard work during the board’s school budget reconciliation process.

“He was giving up his own work time to do that,” Andrews said. “Through his efforts we got as much money back as I think possible.”

The School Board will make a decision on Stone Hill Middle School’s at its meeting Tuesday, May 9.

“It was never my intent to surprise the public with my proposal,” DuPree said.

Sarah Smith (Leesburg) said she too needed more time.

“We all have lots on our plate,” she said.

THE CHAIRMAN, an Ashburn resident for 16 years, said he took 45 pages of notes at the public hearings. He received countless e-mails from Loudoun residents that may be affected by Stone Hill Middle School’s attendance boundary.

The majority of parents of students and future students of Belmont Ridge, Eagle Ridge and Farmwell Station middle schools said they worried about their children’s commute to school.

“We’ve received a lot of input on this one,” DuPree said.

DuPree refused to make a decision until all of the School Board members meet to go over the plans.

“You can’t reconcile everything,” DuPree said. “We know where the public stands on this one.”

DuPree said he hopes the School Board will make a final decision by the next board meeting.

Loudoun County residents are encouraged to visit www.loudoun.k12.va.us to the Stone Hill Middle School attendance boundary suggested plans. To comment on the plans, e-mail lcpsplan@loudoun.k12.va.us.