Proffer Price Increasing

Proffer Price Increasing

Proffer requirements based on dwelling unit will be increasing for fiscal year 2007.

At its July 25 public hearing the Board of Supervisors voted to accept the new Capital Intensity Factor (CIF). The CIF helps determine future costs of new development in the county and should be used by the Department of Planning in proffer negotiations with developers.

"What we are doing is bringing the current construction costs up to date so the costs stay in line," Supervisor Stephen Snow (R-Dulles) said.

Under the new CIF, a developer would have to proffer $35,287 per single-family home, $19,982 per townhouse and $11,904 for every multifamily unit to the county's school system. Under the old CIF, developers were only required to contribute $29,750 per single-family home, $15,619 per townhouse and $7.809 per multifamily unit.

In addition, developers would be required to provide proffers for non-school items, such as parks and recreation and public safety. For single-family homes, developers would be required to proffer $11,532, $9,727 for townhouses and $7,000 for multifamily units.

Supervisor Mick Staton (R-Sugarland Run) made the motion to accept the new numbers and to make the requirements applicable to "any new rezoning or [Comprehensive Plan] amendment that has not yet been heard by the Planning Commission."